The black currant compote

→ The black currant compote

picture - The black currant compote

1.2 kg Smorodina black -1

for the syrup:

1 glass water

3 tbsp. sugar

You must first prepare the syrup, cooked at the rate of 1 Cup water and 3 tablespoons sugar. First, boil water and then add a little sugar stirring constantly. Berries are sorted, washed and then poured into an enamel saucepan, pour the syrup to the boil and leave for 8 - 10 hours Then throw in a colander and put into the banks. To the syrup add the remaining sugar and bring to the boil, filtered and poured into jars with berries. Sterilize: liter jars for 15 minutes, two-liter - 25, a three - 35-40 minutes

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