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Compote of gooseberries can be prepared in two ways.

The first way

Prepared gooseberries lightly prick in several places and pour on hot (80-85 �C) syrup 60% concentration (1 kg gooseberry 600 g sugar, 400 g of water). Drenched in syrup berries put on fire and boil 5 minutes After that berries gently throw in a colander, and then firmly placed into the prepared jars and pour the hot syrup. Filled with banks covered with lids and sterilized at a temperature of 100 �C. the Time for sterilization of cans with a capacity of 0.5 l 15 min, 1 l - 20 minutes After processing the jars hermetically sealed, put upside down and cool.

The second way

Prepared berries are placed in a colander, blanched in hot water in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, cool in cold water, let it drain and put berries in banks. Filled jars pour hot sugar syrup (80-85 �C), allowed to stand 5 minutes, drain the syrup and bring it to boil. Again pour over the berries. The operation was repeated once more and sealed compote. Cool, turning the jars upside down.

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