Kharcho fish

→ Kharcho fish

picture - Kharcho fish

We need:

2 l water

Parsley root

celery root


bay leaf

3-4 allspice (peas)

Salt to taste

500 g fresh fish

3 pcs. Onions

100 g rice

2 cloves of garlic

300 g Walnuts

2 tablespoons of tomato sauce


In boiling water put coarsely chopped roots and onions, spices, salt and cook for 20 minutes. The resulting broth filter, put in a fish, onions (chopped), rice, and cook until tender. At the end of the soup dressed with crushed garlic, tomato sauce and nuts and cook for about 5 minutes. Before submitting to the table, decorate with greens soup. Bon Appetite!

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