Kharcho beef

→ Kharcho beef

picture - Kharcho beef

We need:

1 kg beef (lean brisket)

300 g tomato

3-4 onions

1 lemon

1 glass rice

2 Art. l. tomato paste

5 cilantro - twigs

5 parsley - sprigs

3 pcs. bay leaves


hot pepper


First washed with bacon, chop it into pieces and fill four liters of hot water. Cook until cooked at low boil, removing scum in this and the resulting fat. Then chop the onion and spasseruem with tomato paste on the removed fat meat during cooking, add the bay leaf. At about twenty minutes until cooked meat in the broth add the washed rice. At this time, peel tomatoes, cut into small, add the herbs, garlic, pepper, salt and lemon juice. Then add to the onion soup with tomato paste and bring to a boil. After boiling, put in soup tomatoes, bring to a boil, and insist 20 minutes. When a table decorated with greenery.

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