"Shah pilaf" in multivarka

→ "Shah pilaf" in multivarka

picture - "Shah pilaf" in multivarka

1,5 Cup water

1 glass rice

1 carrots

1 onion


pilaf condiment


what kind of oil to choose? we'll show

vegetable oil


pepper, salt

Meat cut into small, in the bowl of multivarka reheat on a Baking vegetable oil, put the meat, 20-25 minutes to cook, put the chopped onion and chopped carrot cubes, stir, cook for another 15 minutes

Put in multiverse rice, 1-2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper, put the Bay leaf, sprinkle with seasoning, stir, add water, turn on the Rice/Buckwheat" or "Pilaf", and simmer until tender.

Remove the Bay leaf and garlic, rice put in another bowl, bowl multivarki rinse and Pat dry, brush with vegetable oil, put the pita that its edges hanging from the edges of the bowl, line the bottom in 2-3 layers of pita bread, put in a pita bread rice, cover it hanging edges, drizzle the top with butter melted.

Turn the Pastry and bake Shah pilaf within hours.

How to choose multiverse. We'll show you.

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