Pies with potatoes "Kystybai musicman"

→ Pies with potatoes "Kystybai musicman"

picture - Pies with potatoes "Kystybai musicman"

300 g test fresh

4 tbsp. mashed potatoes

1 tbsp. fried onions

what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show



After mixing to let the dough rest for some time 20 min, after which roll it into a sausage and cut into pieces as pies, then each roll into a thin pancake.

Bake cakes until Browning on a dry hot pan.

In mashed potatoes add hot milk (a little puree should not be too liquid) and melted butter, stir, add the fried onions and mix again.

Place the filling on half of the bread and collapse them in half (so that the pellet is not broke, keep it in a hot kind).

Before serving pies with potatoes "Kystybai musicman" outside coated with melted butter, served hot.

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