Let's talk about the pilaf: correct Uzbek and sweet pilaf

→ Let's talk about the pilaf: correct Uzbek and sweet pilaf

picture - Let's talk about the pilaf: correct Uzbek and sweet pilaf

Dish is not only delicious, but also useful, it's eat all year round in different parts of our country. For experienced cooks cooking plov - task is quite trivial, but for young Housewives is a complex and requiring compliance with certain subtleties, without this delicious pilaf is unlikely to succeed. So, how to cook a delicious risotto and what you need to know?

Invented by the nomads of Central Asia pilaf cooked for centuries - in the 10th-11th centuries it was mentioned in several ancient Chronicles how the dish is prepared on the occasion of various festivals celebrated by the peoples of the East. Well, the first detailed method of preparation of pilaf with precise technology was described in the 16th century - that is, by this time he became very popular.

According to one legend, Avicenna is a well - known healer of the middle Ages, cured with pilaf noble Lord.

Today risotto is a traditional dish not only Uzbek, and Tajik, Kazakh cuisine, and it is cooked in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tatarstan, Turkey, just as it is popular in Arab cuisine. And, of course, is not in the list of countries in which popular this dish like rice, not to mention Russia.

In our country pilaf appeared in the 19th century. Published in the 18th century culinary dictionary Century Levshin pilaf yet, but the poet G. R. Derzhavin already mentions in his poem "Felice". Most likely, we pilaf came together with fashion to Western cuisine, as if to speak more precisely, the French, as it is paradoxical is not sounded. The fact that French chefs were the first in Europe have learned to cook a proper risotto after the technology of its preparation brought engineers, who returned with the construction of the Suez canal.

Today, the ability to cook a delicious risotto features of any self-respecting chef. But to do it differently - recipes today there are many. Closest Russian man is Uzbek pilaf recipe is stuck in Russia is better. On his right preparation will be discussed.

How to make a real Uzbek pilaf?

picture - Let's talk about the pilaf: correct Uzbek and sweet pilaf

Some time ago all methods of cooking pilaf were divided into 2 groups, one of which was named the Uzbek. The difference of this technology is that zirvak and rice are cooked in one pot. Well, in the other group included the recipes for which zirvak and rice cooked in different containers and then mixed in the third. Of course, Uzbek option is much easier and more convenient, maybe including why it is so well established in our country.

Of course, Uzbek pilaf can be prepared in different recipes such as well a lot. We will discuss the option that will suit all, including not having the opportunity to cook in a cauldron on the cotton oil and fat.

So, for making a real Uzbek pilaf need to take the following products: 1 kg rice durum, 1 kg of lamb medium-chain fatty (2/3 meat and not more than one-third of the fat), 1 kg of juicy carrots, 150 g of refined vegetable oil, 100 g of mutton fat (any, except the interior), 3 onions, 2 heads of garlic, 1-2 hot peppers, 1-2 tsp. Jeera (cumin) - must(!), a few grains of dried barberry (optional), salt.

The preparation of Uzbek pilaf, stages:

1. For 2 hours before cooking pilaf rinse in several waters and loop the rice, then fill with cold water and gently add some salt, leave in water before cooking.

2. Remove from the heads of garlic outer husk, without dividing them into cloves. Thin rings chop the onion, small diced fat, remove the meat from the bones and cut into pieces as goulash (not dice). Carrots cut into small cubes.

If you are afraid that carrot seethe and will fall apart because of the cooking, do the following: chopped carrots, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with a few pinches of sugar, stir and leave for 15-20 min - by this stratagem carrots will not fall apart.

3. Rent cast-iron pot or other container with thick walls and bottom (not enameled) and how it should be warm without adding oil. Pour vegetable oil in a heated vessel in which to boil the rice, ignited it (check the readiness of the oil ring bow - if it browned a couple of seconds, then the oil is ready). Dipped in butter fat, slightly skumanich, remove from the dish, put the bones, season - add a pinch of cumin and salt, stirring often fry the bones to brown meat left on the bones. Add bones to bow before taromenane fry, put the pieces of meat without bones, stir fry meat 7-10 min - it should not be covered crust, this is not necessary. Put the carrots, stir and continue stirring vigorously, to fry everything for another 10 minutes until it is soft. To the sauteed ingredients pour 1 liter of water (it should be on 1-1,5 cm to cover products), bring to the boil, put the garlic cloves and whole pepper (in any case it doesn't cut it), to slow down the heat to low boiling.

To prepare the pilaf perfect multivarka.

4. Simmer zirvak at a low boil for half an hour, to taste salt, to salt so as to obtain a slightly oversalted, to get seeds, pepper and garlic, put on zirvak rice, obsushenny from the water in which it was aged, increase the temperature to flatten it, without mixing with the products of the bottom liquid is supposed to boil around the entire circumference of the dish.

5. To cook the rice, cover the pot with a lid, until the rice is cooked, stirring. Or figure you can gently stir with a slotted spoon, but not picking up on it products from the bottom - meat with carrots and onions.

If the liquid evaporates quickly, it can little by little add (add only hot water), but remember - it is better nebogatoff figure than seethe add more water always possible, but with boiled rice will no longer produce anything.

6. Try the rice at the ready inside the rice grain should be firm, but not hard. In the center of the rice layer to deepen, add pepper, seeds and garlic, add 1-2 tsp. cumin, gently podzemlje with a slotted spoon rice with the edges to the center (without mixing with zirvak), fill them added products, smooth layer of Fig. Cover the bowl with a lid, 25 min to leave (you can optionally wrap the bowl with a towel), the fire this off after 10 minutes if the oven gas, leave the minimum - if electric, if you cook on a fire, you need to remove all the stones.

7. Survived pilaf can mix or get out the pepper, seeds and garlic and mix it with the zirvak.

If you exactly follow all the steps, and also be aware of common mistakes in cooking rice, then make it even for the first time undertaken for this thing man.

Common errors cooking pilaf

  • Cooking pilaf on the wrong rice - any rice suitable here;
  • Wrong ratio zirvak and rice should be one-to-one;
  • Adding the wrong spices in the pilaf will only be added cumin (cumin and saffron, as well as other popular spices barberry and pepper. Never add a pilaf Bay leaf, coriander, celery and the like - these supplements are not suitable;
  • Adding a large amount of water - so overplaying his hand with water, you risk damage to the rice and turn it into a mess, no way no normal risotto should not be, if you are not sure how much water to add, after placing rice on zirvak just pour it in small amount of water, when it boils away, add a little more and gradually pour it until the rice is cooked;
  • The use of the wrong meat: it is believed that the pilaf can only take mutton or beef - the meat must be young, low-fat, fry it too much should not be.

Nutritionists and doctors do not recommend to cook the risotto in animal fats is the condition today is a relic of the past, sunflower oil pilaf is not worse than fat, but is much less harmful to the blood vessels and the heart.

Surprising home delicious Uzbek pilaf, can finally and irrevocably to strike all the spot, preparing and even sweet pilaf with meat or without.

Recipe sweet pilaf with meat

You will need: 800 grams of rice, 600 g carrots, 500 grams mutton, 300 grams of vegetable oil, 6 tbsp water, onion, red pepper, salt, sweet fill - 150 g raisins and honey, water.

How to cook sweet pilaf with meat. Medium-sized to cut the meat, place in a preheated pan with hot oil and fry, add the onion and carrot (small strips), fry, put in the preheated pot, pour hot water, salt, put the spices and bring to a boil. Put on zirvak washed rice, smooth, over moderate heat to simmer all until all liquid is absorbed, make layer of rice cavities, pour them in 1-2 tbsp of boiling water, cover pot with a lid, reduce the heat and until the rice is cooked cook for 20 minutes to Put the rice on a dish, top lay zirvak - meat with vegetables. For a sweet filling mix in equal parts honey and hot water, add to the syrup washed raisins and boil for 10 minutes Pour the sweet filling pilaf with meat.

Recipe of sweet fruit pilaf

You will need: 100 grams of raisins and a mixture of dried fruit, 10 fruits dried apricots, 1 Apple, 1 Cup rice, 1 carrot, 2 tbsp butter, 1 tsp. salt.

How to cook sweet pilaf with fruit. How to wash dried fruits, dried apricots and raisins. Julienne cut carrot, Apple and apricots. To heat in a pot or bowl with thick walls and a bottom oil, put the carrots, fry, put the dried fruit and apples, cook for another 6 minutes to Put on top of washed as rice, to do it in the deepening and pour them in hot water, cover the bowl with a lid, simmer the risotto until the rice is cooked on a slow fire so that the fruit from the bottom do not overheat. When the rice is ready, mix it with fruit.

Cooking pilaf, no doubt - a real art, but the indisputable fact that to learn how to make a delicious risotto for everyone who finds this time. As the saying goes, the best method of improving practice, do not leave cooking pilaf because of fears to cook it wrong, try and practice!

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