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How to learn to cook a delicious fish broth, if no experience preparing such dishes? Just need to know some of the secrets and subtleties, then all must come out. And we will tell about them in this article.

Broth of fish - the basis of all fish soups, and be an independent dish he too could. It's just priceless dish that brings the body unique benefit: it a huge number of different compounds that are essential for human health. Even briefly examined the chemical composition of fish broth, one can see how useful it is: present in the composition of vitamins, as well as H, C, E, PP, iron, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and others nutrients. So learn how to cook a delicious fish broth is simply obliged to everyone!

The average calorific fish broth is about 100g 50kkal dishes, but it depends on the used grade of fish (salmon in broth, for example, it will be larger as well as from other fatty species of fish and fat-based). The same can be said about the composition of vitamins and minerals beneficial properties.

In the preparation of a delicious fish soup really is nothing particularly difficult. It can be made from whole fish or any of its parts, adding a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices, which each experienced hostess usually determines your taste. What can spoil any fish broth, so it does not cut the gills - they always spoil the taste of fish dishes, so it is important to prepare the fish correctly: gut, gills removed, cleaned of scale (although in the case of certain types of fish, such as trout, it is considered it is better not to clean it from the scales before cooking broth - so he will richness, and then it will simply need to be filtered). Whether to remove fins - a question that causes a lot of controversy: some consider it necessary exercise, while others say that the soup is rich with them. Ultimately determine with their own tastes can only in practice, so you just need to get down to business and learn to cook fish broth.

We will talk about the basic recipe for cooking fish broth. Once you have mastered it, you can try modifying this recipe by adding any ingredients, preparing the way of the fish to your taste, etc.

Recipe fish broth

picture - Fish broth

You will need: 1 kg of fish or fish waste (heads, tails, fins, bones, skin), 30g of green, 1 carrot, and onion, 1ch.l. paprika ground pink pepper, salt.

How to cook a simple fish broth. If using whole fish, gut it, remove the gills, rinse under running water, cut into several pieces and put in a pan, if the waste - wash them and put in a pan with a thick bottom. Peel onions and carrots, wash the greens (you can use any on your taste), put the fish, pour cold water, turn on high heat, bring everything to a boil. Remove the foam, make a minimum heat and simmer the broth 30-40min, tucked in behind 10 minutes before end of cooking of ground paprika. Pull out of the pan with a slotted spoon contents, broth, pepper, salt to your taste, you can also add laurel. You can submit a broth so or put in it the pieces of boiled fish, chopped fresh herbs, chopped into cubes cooked carrots.

According to professional cooks the most nourishing and flavorful fish broth obtained from walleye, perch, ruffe and sturgeon. Used for broths better fine gutted fish, as well as "fish waste": head, tail, fins, skin and bones.

Broth turned to gold, before laying in the pan until lightly browning saut onions in butter.

The key to success in the preparation of any dish - is a good product, natural and fragrant, not just a desire to do and make a tasty and attention to what you are cooking. Delicious fish broth - it's just if you follow these simple truths!

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