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→ Soup with lamb: 5 recipes

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Lamb love is not all that meat with some specific taste and aroma. If you belong to the same group of people for whom the lamb is a favorite or one of my favorite types of meat, you will need offered in this collection of recipes for delicious and flavorful soup made of mutton with simple preparation.

Soup with lamb always succeed (of course, provided that the meat quality) is very rich, delicious and fragrant. Even with good intentions, buying good meat, it is impossible to prepare this soup is tasteless due to the properties of this wonderful meat. Note, however, that they are still quite high in calories, so for those who observes the figure, it is important to keep track of what to cook this soup and when to eat.

The most famous lamb soup is a soup, a dish of Oriental cuisine. Also popular soup "piti" - a dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, Armenian soup "place", which is prepared with meatballs beef.

Mutton is the meat that require attention and time, however, there are recipes of dishes from meat and simpler, requiring less time, skills and effort compared to the rest. In this collection we have collected recipes it is such a simple, but very tasty soup with lamb.

Usually used for soups brisket or Chuck - these pieces of meat are better suited for cooking a delicious lamb soup.

The first recipe: Soup with lamb and potatoes

picture - Soup with lamb: 5 recipes

You will need: 750g potatoes, 500g lamb, 4 bell peppers, 3 carrots, 2 leeks, parsley root is thin and cloves of garlic, 1 Bay leaf and onion, 1 bunch of herbs for soup - celery, carrots, parsley,? tsp. cumin, thyme and marjoram, pepper, salt.

How to cook soup with lamb and potatoes. Washed and prepared meat lay in a pan, pour water so that it just covered, bring to a boil. Finely chop the vegetables for soup, garlic and onions, put together with peas pepper and Laurel in soup, salt, boil without a lid 1H on a slow fire. To get the meat from the broth and cut into cubes. The broth through a sieve to wipe. Peel the potatoes, finely chop the parsley root, leek and carrots, put in the grated broth, season it with cumin, marjoram and thyme, half an hour to boil, put in the meat soup, warm up 10 minutes, serve.

The second recipe: Easy soup with Brussels sprouts and lamb

You will need: 800g lamb, 750g Brussels sprouts, 150g sour cream, 3 cups beef broth, 2 cloves garlic and onions, 1 bunch of dill, 2 tbsp olive oil, cumin, mustard, pepper, salt.

How to make easy lamb soup with cabbage. Dice to cut the meat, chop the onion and garlic, fry the meat in hot olive oil in a deep saucepan, add the onions and garlic, fry for 5 minutes, put the cumin and grain mustard, stir, add pepper and salt, pour in the broth, under cover to boil the soup in on low heat. To prepare cabbage, clearing and washing, to put in the soup, cook for 15 min. Season the cream with pepper and salt, grind the fennel, add sour cream, stir and season the soup when serving this sour cream dressing.

The third recipe: lamb Soup with rice

picture - Soup with lamb: 5 recipes

You will need: 120g lamb, 30g rice, 20g onion and carrot, 10g fat sheep, 5g of flour, parsley, pepper, salt.

How to cook lamb soup with rice. Cut the lamb for 2-3 slices per serving and put in a bowl with minced mutton, fry, pour in water or broth, boil for 1 hour until tender. Finely chop the onion and carrot, fry, add the flour, stir, cook for another 2-3min, put the seasoning in the soup, at low boil for 10 minutes to boil, pepper, salt. Boil the rice until cooked separately, adding some salt water, put in the soup for 5 minutes until it is ready. Serve the soup sprinkled with parsley.

Well, the last two recipes in our collection, by tradition, is slightly unusual is yogurt and Scottish variants of lamb soup. Both delicious and a little bit unusual, not at all exotic, made with the usual ingredients.

The fourth recipe: lamb Soup yogurt

You will need: 500g lean lamb, 1.5 liters of water, 2 egg yolks, 1 bunch of greens and a glass of natural yoghurt without additives and sugar ? Cup rice, lemon juice.

How to make yogurt soup with lamb. Pour the meat with water, add salt and boil until tender in an hour on a slow fire, to get out of the broth, strain it. Rinse the rice in filtered broth until ready to cook. Cut meat into slices, and put in the broth for 2-3min before end of cooking rice. Beat egg yolks with yogurt, mix with lemon juice and chopped herbs, with vigorous stirring, add the cooked filling into the soup - hot and just shot from a plate, serve.

Recipe five: Scottish lamb soup

You will need: 240g lamb 50g celery, 40g pearl barley, onion, carrots and turnip, parsley, pepper, salt.

How to cook soup with mutton Scotch. Pour the meat with cold water, bring to boil, remove the foam, put the whole peeled onion, salt, cook 1 hour on low heat. Chop the vegetables, put the broth with pearl barley (it should be washed and scalded with boiling water), boil the soup until it is ready, taking out the meat. Remove the meat from the bones, and then put in the soup, cook for another 5 minutes, removing the excess fat, pepper and salt to taste. Before serving, sprinkle the soup with chopped parsley.

If you love lamb, it is proposed in this selection of recipes soups with this meat you will definitely come in handy. Simple to prepare, even for inexperienced cooks, these soups are very tasty, flavorful and rich!

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