Veal stew with vegetables and mushrooms

→ Veal stew with vegetables and mushrooms

picture - Veal stew with vegetables and mushrooms

1.5-1.7 kg Veal

7 pcs. carrots (medium size)

2-5 turnips

1 onions

350 g champignons

7 pcs. sweet peppers

250-300 g celery (stalks)

1 jar of olives (pitted canned)

1 lemon

200 g sour cream

2 eggs (yolks)

200 ml vegetable oil

salt, pepper, cloves, bay leaf

marjoram (oregano) - if there is

40 Foil, baking dish, deep, h26 cm

Cook the veal until half - dip it in boiling water for a whole piece (if not placed, divide by a very large part of it). This will allow us to keep more vitamins and improve its taste. Heat treatment takes minutes 30-40.Ochistite carrots, turnips and onions, cut them very large - into 3-4 parts, with depending on the size of the fruit. Then quickly fry the vegetables in vegetable oil, literally 2-3 minuty.Vylozhite them in a baking dish. Their place in the pan will take mushrooms - cut is not necessary, just put the whole thing. In general, the meaning of this dish is that all the ingredients are cooked either in one piece (when the fruits are small) or large pieces (when large), so they retain their true flavor and the largest number of vitamins that after tasting produces a mild euphoria and pleasant dizziness. And a lot of fun.

Mushrooms fry even shorter, 1-2 minutes. Then, add them to the vegetables.

Very large slice sweet pepper. Try to find a thick-walled fruits of all possible colors: red, orange, yellow and green. Bright colors enhance the feeling of joy and delight of the dishes. If you can not, it does not matter, take any fresh sweet pepper. Celery stalks cut into pieces by 3.5-4 cm. The ingredients are put in a container for zapekaniya.Teper salt and pepper resulting mass, and all beautifully settled down in a baking dish and evenly prosolilos - Shake the container a couple of times. Sprinkle lemon zest, grated krupno.Nemnogo pretty chilled veal chop large chunks abundantly pour lemon juice and salt. Place the meat on top of the vegetable and mushroom weight (you can put it between the layers and garnish). Evenly olives - olive tree fruits green on the dish. Even if you do not like - and be sure to try to add to the finished dish. They give the sauce in which the stew, special piquancy, enriching and stressing a little sour line "sour cream - soup - lemon juice" slight bitterness, and the fruits become softer and suddenly taste good. Olives are very appropriate.

And on top sprinkle with oregano (Oregano) if you have it.

Then spread it evenly over the dish bay leaf (2-3 pcs.) And three whole cloves. It will give the dish a carnation heady aroma that lives long in the house where it is ready, and even washed dishes after eating fragrant and brings back memories of the past.

Now fill the dish broth left over from the beef.

Be careful not to overdo it, even to the ends remain centimeter or two. Otherwise you will have to bear the duty in the oven, dabbing rapidly ending napkins extra juice, active from foods. Or cast, which is not very convenient. All you have to beat 2 egg yolks with sour cream and pour their meat.

Baking dish, cover with a lid or foil, tighten, and place the meat with a side dish in the oven heated to 170-190 degrees. Simmer for 1.5-2 hours at the same temperature, and then expand, and bring a dish until done. Meat should redden slightly.

If you doubt the readiness of dishes, stand for a while in the next room. When catch the scent of cloves strict, combine with thick meat spirit, penetrating even here because of the closed oven, then sure - PORA.Podavayte veal with garnish hot. Then it clear, full-bodied, slightly sour taste and spicy, exciting flavor become the most vivid ottenok.Holodnoe dish slightly less fragrant, warm it and then restored former properties.

Ready veal with vegetables perfectly with the red dry wine.

On the possible side dish. Initially, he did not want to do, you have a delicious steamed vegetables. For a change, the next day dish can be served with pasta (large "Plumage" perfect size, emphasizing the overall structure of the cuts), rice or potatoes.

On the amount of dishes. Veal and vegetables turns out a lot. It is eaten very quickly, so if you really afoot, it is better to cook it with some reserve. You will not regret.

If you do not have a large enough capacity for baking - reduce the number of ingredients, cook the mini version. Or stew in a suitable size pan the usual way - on a plate.

About turnips. If you have not met in the sale turnip, it can be replaced potatoes. But. These sharp little yellow pieces (you have them, probably already noticed in the photo) harmoniously fit into the general idea of dishes. Try to find exactly the turnip. How to cook, you will immediately understand why I insist.

On the possible ingredients. The main participants of the dishes can be attached if desired leeks and garlic. And sprinkle the meat dry white wine instead of lemon.

About meat. Veal can be replaced with beef, lamb or pork, and then you get a new dish with her, a special taste.

In general, experiment, and you'll find the remarkable proportion and combination of components of this dish.

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