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Need: 1 kg flour quality
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 kg unsalted sulguni or soft unsalted cheese

2 Art. l. sugar

1 glass spoon dry yeast

2 Art. l. salt

0.5 glass sunflower oil

50 g butter or margarine

Pour the flour into a bowl, make a recess back rolling in salt, sugar, dry yeast, pour the specific heat of water, mix by hand taking care not to touch the flour until the salt on everything else is not completely dissolved, pour the back post. oil, stir again and knead the dough tender, wraps and put in odealo 2 hours. Rub the cheese on the grater, or twist in a meat grinder, if it contains excess water squeezed in a fist and added to a handful of flour, shake for good. Making cheese 5 "snowballs". When the dough is suitable carve it too 5 roundels, we cover the cloth for 5 minutes they still fit. Mash dough with hands the size of a dessert plate, we place in the middle of the cheese, collect and glue the ends and roll out again, his hands gently to the thickness of a finger (you can finish rolling in the pan). Bake in a dry pan on both sides. 's Turnover when he was just a little browned, drain and immediately lubricates. butter or margarine. When we remove from the heat and lubricates the other half. Do not need long to keep the fire (what you see in the photo, peklos in the oven, and it was smeared egg) That's all.

In general, any dough can be used.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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