Pancake cake with bananas and walnuts

→ Pancake cake with bananas and walnuts

picture - Pancake cake with bananas and walnuts

500 ml milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

200 g flour

100 g nuts

3 banana

2 eggs

1 Bank of condensed milk

2 Art. l. vegetable oil

1 Art. l. sugar

1 h. l. soda

1/3 h. l. salt

Cook pancakes: break the eggs into a bowl, add salt and sugar, whisk, pour the milk, vegetable oil, stir, add flour mixed with baking powder, whisk, cook dough pancakes, not too zazharivaya them in the process of adding fuel.

Grind the nuts, bananas, peeled, cut into thin circles.

Put a pancake on the bottom of a cake, spread with condensed milk, put bananas, sprinkle nuts on top lay a second pancake, repeat the procedure and thus collect the entire cake.

Decorate the cake pancake with bananas and walnuts can glaze, berries, chocolate, or to taste before serving to cool for an hour.

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