Apples and bananas in batter

→ Apples and bananas in batter

picture - Apples and bananas in batterYou will need:

2 eggs
1 sachet of baking powder
apples (pears)
condensed milk
ice water
ice cream
oil for frying
Method of preparation:
Cut the apples and bananas into slices to 7 cm.
Eggs lightly beaten, mixed with ice water (small amount), add the baking powder mixed with flour and pour a little ice water - the dough should have a liquid, like a pancake.
Preheat frying or pan with butter, dip pieces of fruit fried, giving the surplus drain test, then lowered into the hot oil and fry until golden brown when cooked on a frying pan - once to turn the total frying time of about 3 min.
After roasting apples and bananas in batter spread on a paper towel so that it absorbed the excess oil and serve it warm with condensed milk and ice cream.

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