Roll dessert with cherry and banana

→ Roll dessert with cherry and banana

picture - Roll dessert with cherry and banana

100 g fat-free yogurt

100 g frozen cherries

70 g banana

10 g honey

3 sheet rice paper

Peeled, cut into cubes banana, cherry unfreeze, squeeze the juice.

Stir previously melted honey and curd.

Before svorachivaeniem rolls each sheet of rice paper for a few seconds to lower a container of warm water to make it supple.

Put a sheet on a cutting board, spread cheese, departing from the edges, put on a proximal end for 2 cubes of banana and cherry, close all roll in, first close the stuffing ungreased edges on each side, then turning roll.

Before serving, remove the roll dessert with cherries and bananas in the freezer for 20 minutes, then cut into 6-8 pieces.

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