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250 ml milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

13 g fresh yeast (4 g dry)

75 ml sugar

2 h. l. Cardamom (ground)

450-500 g flour

75 g butter room temperature

pinch of salt


2 Art. l. soft butter

2 Art. l. cinnamon (powder)

2 Art. l. sugar

1 h. l. vanilla

* Rub the yeast with the sugar, add the warm milk, stir thoroughly and put on 10 minutes in a warm place for fermentation.

* Part sifting flour into milk, knead the dough elastic, adding cardamom, oil and salt

Knead the dough * for 10 minutes, roll into a ball and place in greased with butter dish, cover with foil and place in a warm place to approach until the volume of the test not be doubled

* Mix the cinnamon and sugar and vanilla

* Came up again knead the dough and roll it out into a square 50 cm smh50

* Brush the dough soft butter, short one centimeter to the edges and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar

* Roll the dough into a roll, carefully zaschipat edge and cut into equal pieces, shaped like a truncated pyramid or triangle with truncated tip. Incisions should look like this: / / /

* Put rolls on a baking sheet lined with paper widest part of the pieces down.

* Cover and let go for another 30 to 40 minutes

* Cuttings spoon to press on the "top" of the triangle and press the dough

* Beat the egg yolk with 2 tablespoons water, brush the buns and sprinkle with sugar close

* Bake in a preheated oven to 225 C at the average level for 10-12 minutes until golden brown

* Ready muffins to cool on a lattice

Thinking aloud.

Amount of flour can vary. I prefer to put a maximum of 450 grams of flour and as a result get more air dough. Dough in no case should not be steep. It is better if the dough is lightly glued to your hands, which will be steep. These muffins perfectly frost. Coming up buns, put together with the baking (or pass on a small tray in a row) and put in the freezer. Frozen buns put in a plastic bag, close tightly and put in the freezer. Before baking, put the rolls on a baking sheet and unfreeze. Better to put in the refrigerator overnight, then hold before baking 30 to 40 minutes at room temperature.

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