The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

→ The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

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Worldwide egg love to eat for Breakfast and adults and children. Breakfast of eggs can be very diverse, but in this article we will look at the most popular ones.

We have already talked about how different can be a Breakfast consisting of eggs. Of course, just fine and that any such Breakfast is not only tasty and delicious, but also very useful. Although controversy about the harms and benefits of eggs continues, most doctors and people still believe this familiar product, which eat Breakfast most of the people of the world for millennia, but rather a friend than an enemy's health.

Much in terms of harms and benefits of eggs, of course, depends on how the egg to cook - so, for example, it is believed that the egg is much better perceived by the body than the hard-boiled egg, which is the heavy food for the stomach, which will last a long time to digest, like scrambled eggs. But, fortunately, if you don't like cooked so eggs, or are afraid to eat store-bought egg (we are talking about cooking soft-boiled), then there are many other great options of cooking. Let's see what these options.

The first recipe: poached Egg

picture - The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

You will need: eggs, 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every 1 liter of water.

How to cook a poached egg. Take fresh(!) chicken egg and 8-10 sec hold, without breaking the shell, lightly boiling water, remove - this reception afterwards coagulation protein will accelerate and poached egg for some nice oval shape. New water in a saucepan, season with vinegar, as soon as it starts to boil, gently beat the egg, holding it as close as possible to the water and wide open the shell. For best results, create it before dipping the eggs in the pan a swirl of water, preventing it some time in one direction. The same can be done immediately after starting the eggs. Cook poached eggs 4 min - if slightly increase the time that the egg may become completely solid, so the cooking time should be clearly observed. Water paserovany to boil slightly - turn on a gentle fire. With a slotted spoon to remove the egg from the water, put in a container of cold water, the egg will stop passerovatsya will begin to cool, and the vinegar will be washed away.

Water in which to boil the egg poached, it is better not to podsleuth, because salt will interfere with the process of coagulation protein: salt and pepper the egg better when filing.

By the way, to keep the poached egg in a bowl with cold water in the refrigerator up to 3 days - it is very convenient. But the next dish is better to eat immediately: piping hot!

The second recipe: Muffin with egg

picture - The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

You will need: 8 rolls crispy and eggs, 2 tbsp butter melted, pepper, salt.

How to make buns with egg for Breakfast. The oven heated to 175 degrees, cut off from the tops of the rolls, retreating from them about 1-2cm, gently scrape the flesh, leaving the whole wall. Grease a cooking brush each bun inside melted butter, pepper and salt, put different toppings - sausage, cheese, vegetables, and so HP, top, gently break an egg, pepper and salt. Put the buns on a baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes until desired doneness of the eggs, cover after 10 minutes of Baking foil.

There are many variations of this dish: egg can be cooked just the piece of bread, tomatoes, etc. and as a filling can, in addition to the eggs, use onions, spinach, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, tomatoes and many other products.

Buns with egg: rosy, fragrant, savory filling - this Breakfast will delight any adult, and child! However, and from the following options egg Breakfast not be able to refuse no one.

The third recipe: Egg in a fur coat from test

picture - The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

You will need: 6 eggs, 2-3 tbsp. flour, spices to taste, vegetable oil, buttermilk, soda, salt.

How to cook an egg in the coat of the test. 4 eggs to break into the pan and cook in the usual way as scrambled eggs in butter until tender, turn over and fry the second side, remove from pan. The remaining eggs and mix with the yogurt, flour, spices, a pinch of soda and salt - dough should not be too liquid. Dipped in batter a little cold fried eggs, put in a pan and fry until taromenane.

Simply and quickly - and the result is very interesting! Well, the last option egg Breakfast, which we will tell - too fast. You can cook it in a microwave oven in different ways, depending on the time of cooking.

Recipe four: Cooking eggs in the microwave

picture - The most popular Breakfast of eggs: 4 recipe

You will need: 1 egg, 0.5 tsp. of Apple cider vinegar, boiling water.

How to cook an egg in the microwave. To take suitable for microwave bowl, pour the vinegar and boiling water until the mid-height of the bowl, gently beat the egg, put in the microwave, turn on full power. The poached eggs will be ready in 40 seconds, the hard-boiled egg - 1 minute. To get the egg with a slotted spoon, water pour. So you can cook multiple eggs so they didn't explode after a few seconds after you put them in the microwave, use a fork between them and the walls of the bowls. When the number of eggs should be increased and the time of their preparation.

In a microwave oven while cooking eggs is reduced compared to cooking on the stove, where to achieve the egg state "soft-boiled" need to cook them after boiling for 4 minutes, "in the bag" - 5 minutes, "hard-boiled" - 7-8 minutes. Don't forget that cooking time may vary depending on size of eggs.

Cook the egg on the plate, putting both in cold and in hot water. The specified time was for eggs that you put in the pan and poured cold water. If you put the egg into the already boiling salted water, then it should be done carefully to avoid hitting the bottom of the dish, then wait when the water again comes to a boil and cook the egg: "soft-boiled" - 2-min, "in the bag" - 4-5,5 min, "hard-boiled" - 8-10 minutes Ready egg must be immediately put in cold water. Also, prior to immersion in boiling water can pierce the shell of the needle in several places on both ends - then the egg will not break.

Eat eggs for Breakfast and be healthy!

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