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Scrambled eggs is a dish international and common, perhaps, in the ranking of the most popular Breakfast people from all over the world he would have occupied if not first place, it just would have been included in the top three. And the omelet is an opportunity to show off their culinary talents, because you can cook it with different ingredients and different ways, you just need to know some tricks and imagination.

However, to classify this dish as scrambled exclusively to the category of Breakfast would not be entirely correct - it is prepared as a main dish, appetizers, and side dishes, and even dessert!

The name "scrambled eggs" as is, comes to us from Ancient Rome - "ova mellita", was the name of one of the classic dishes of that time, representing fried flat eggs with honey. Thousands of years ago people were prepared from eggs of different dishes, but the most popular omelettes reached in the Middle ages. Because in France they have become extremely popular in the 16th century, today it is believed that this country is the birthplace of the omelet. According to another version, the omelet was invented in Austria and was a dish of the poor, which added very much bread, but according to another view, scrambled, on the contrary, the Royal dish that was invented in the 19th century Viennese cook for the Emperor Joseph I. However, let this debate historians, and we will refer to features and secrets of cooking scrambled eggs.

What an omelet can be considered a classic is a moot point. First, each country has its classic version of this dish. Secondly, different recipes omelet is so common that some people could confidently call a classic omelette with sausage, cheese, others with mushrooms and so on, nevertheless, because any basic omelet is only one ingredient - egg, classical, we assume it is a simple egg omelet without toppings.

So, how to cook a classic scrambled eggs?

Omelet recipe classic without additives (basic)

picture - Ova mellita - all about cooking omelettes

You will need: 25 g butter, 3 eggs, salt.

The question of how to make an omelet without eggs, actually, very simple. To use you need Tolstoganova pan, preferably cast iron. Put in a pan all the butter, melt it. While the oil it features in a bowl beat the eggs, salt them and fork to whisk until almost smooth. Melted butter in a thin stream, pour into the bowl with the egg in the pan must remain thin uniform layer of oil, continuing to whisk all with a fork. Return the pan to medium heat, warm up a little and pour in the egg mixture. To cook an omelette better on moderate heat (about 30-40% of the capacity of smallest rings), without covering with a lid and occasionally shaking the pan in different directions for about 5 minutes - omelet should thicken, and when tilted 30 degrees sliding should not the top layer, and the entire pancake, if so, then the dish is ready. Finished omelet should be rolled into a tube and put on a plate, and serve immediately while hot. If desired, this omelet, sprinkle with tomatoes, herbs and any other additives so that the flavor of these ingredients will not kill the taste of the classic omelet, but only to be harmoniously accompany it.

How to cook an omelette know today, even children. Eggs can be mixed with milk and flour, use a lot of different toppings from bread and all sorts of vegetables to meat and seafood. Make an omelet, you not only on the stove and in the oven, multiverse, steamed, etc. Many Housewives invent your own unique recipes omelets, which are sometimes passed down from generation to generation. There is only one constant is the love of people around the world to this beautiful, useful and nutritious dish. Delicious you omelets!

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