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Omelet in Multivarki - a new look at the familiar breakfast! If necessary cook quick and satisfying - to help come Electrical pan. Tale, brought to life!

Known phrase - "on the phone, you can do everything except the kids." Today we can safely say that in relation to Multivarki. The main thing - the right start. Omelet in Multivarki properly begin your day and familiarity with amazing diversity recipes this dish.

Italian frittata, Spanish omelette, Japanese th-th-Rice and soba, droch�na Russian, French omelet ... the names of many, but the essence is the same: whipped with milk and fried eggs. In France, for example, every self-respecting cook in the first place should be able to make an omelet. Despite the fact that a French word - �omelette� (scrambled eggs), for at least another ten countries vying for the right of authorship. Anyway, word of mouth passed legend about how the dish became popular. Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I zapozdnilsya on hunting and decided to spend the night into the first hut. The hosts were poor and they prepared the dish simple enough celebrity guests, which included eggs, flour, milk and raisins. To their surprise, the guest got such pleasure from a meal that upon returning home cooks immediately ordered the court to go to his new friends, to write an amazing recipe and continue to improve dishes to serve the emperor for breakfast.
Apparently, the chef tried fairly, because today there are about a million options omelet. It is used as a side dish, main dish, hot or cold snacks, and even as a dessert. Now he improved to such an extent that "migrated" from the frying pan into multivarku. This omelette is much tastier, as baked through on both sides. Cooked in elektrokastryule, scrambled eggs greatly save your time, do not will burn, will more tender, more fragrant and more useful. Indeed, in this breakfast retains all the nutrients, including vitamin D. In addition, the moisture due to the tightness of dishes, will not be lost, and scrambled eggs get much more elaborate than usual. In multivarochny omelette can also be put "God sent": bell pepper, tomatoes, ham, cheese, mushrooms, green ... Just a few minutes - and the dish is ready emperors!

Omelet recipe in Multivarki

picture - Omelet in Multivarki

Egg - 6 pieces
Milk - about 180 ml
what milk to choose? we'll show

Sausage (ham or boiled meat) - 100g
Tomato - 1 piece
Pepper - 1 piece
Salt, pepper, herbs - to taste
Cut the tomato and pepper, toss in the pan Multivarki. Add a little oil, turn on the "Baking" and fry for 5-7 minutes. Multivarka before pouring omelet should be heated. In our case, this is achieved by roasting vegetables.
While the process of cooking, split equally sized eggs, trying to make one of the halves is preserved intact, to her and to measure the rate of milk: one egg - one half shells milk. A mixture of salt and pepper, add the (following ingredients - if available) finely chopped fresh herbs, green onions, a little grated cheese, sausage, ham or cooked meat. All gently to mix.

Tip: If you want to make an omelet will lush, it is by no means impossible to shake up! Mix gently with a fork or whisk until smooth.

Add the resulting mixture to the roasted ingredients and quickly but gently stir with a spatula. Leave bake for another 15 minutes, then open the lid hook from all sides spatula and remove with the help of a double boiler.

Tip: After cooking omelet do not remove it immediately from Multivarki, give it a "real", thus you save the splendor and let evaporate aromatic substances.

If you want a classic omelet, no additives, just need to pour a little oil and warm in the mode "Baking" 5 minutes with the lid closed, then pour the mixture of eggs and milk.
Omelette is luxuriant, if you increase the number of eggs, but then the minimum baking time -will 20 minutes, and then another will need to move it poseredinke if crude - let another 5 minutes propechetsya. If you cook, how to advise sometimes 45 -50 minutes, scrambled out and dry "rubber"And this soft, melt in your mouth.
Bon Appetite!

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