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Scrambled eggs is a dish of French cuisine from the lightly beaten egg, fried in a pan of eggs. The story no one knows. There is a version that omelettes with stale bread began to make Austrian poor. Someone thinks that the first omelette fried Vienna cook for Emperor Franz Joseph I in the nineteenth century, another source says that the same Emperor during hunting visited the house of a farmer, where he was treated with scrambled eggs.

The French with their inherent tendency to bring everything to perfection a few altered the recipe and gave it a name. They say that the cook-a Frenchman in the first place should be able to fry a good omelet. Whatever it was, omelet recipe was doomed to the invention in any country where eating eggs. This delicious, easy to prepare, tender and hearty dish is very useful, nutritious and has hundreds of varieties - with mushrooms, cheese, milk or cream, different vegetables and meat products. Even sweet omelettes many people eat with pleasure for dessert.

In different countries scrambled eggs cooked in different ways. In Italy this Frittata, Japan WMD rice and OMU-soba with rice and seafood, Spanish tortilla, Russia was preparing forgotten now, because some of the names of dracena, mixed cereal, flour or grated potatoes.

The most delicious and beautiful omelettes are obtained if the yolks and whites well beaten separately, and fry in a strongly heated frying pan with a thick bottom. For the density in scrambled eggs add flour or semolina. Instead of milk you can take water, cream, sour cream, mineral water, broth or yogurt.

Omelettes cooked in a pan in the microwave, in the oven in a water bath in a double boiler. The most fragrant and delicious omelet turns out in the oven, the most useful - in a double boiler and multiverse. If you like omelettes with fillings, it can be added to the mass, or to put on half finished, then cover with the second half. In order omelet turned out to be a lush, cover the pan with a lid, greased.

How to cook an omelet with ham

picture - Omelette
You will need:

  • Eggs 4 pieces
  • Milk
    what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show
  • Vegetable or butter - 1 tbsp
  • Flour - 1 tbsp
  • Ham - 100 g
  • Tomato - 1 piece
  • Salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

To separate the eggs into two bowls on the whites and yolks. To delay one half of the shell to measure out her milk. Whites beat until transparent foam, then beat the egg yolks, combine and stir. Add four shells of milk. Such a measure fluid omelet identified back in the old days. For sealing stir in the sifted flour, salt and pepper.

Good warm up a frying pan, melt the butter or pour vegetable. Shake the pan, spreading oil over the surface. Pour the mixture and cover with greased with vegetable oil cap. Wait until the omelette begins to dry out, pry it from the bottom, remove from the pan and flip the second blade. Three minutes later ready.

Thinly slice ham, fry in vegetable oil with diced tomato. Evenly pour the filling over half of omelet and fold in half.

Videoretsept omelet with cheese

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