Delicious with quince

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1 kg quince

1 kg sugar

2 glass water

1 pcs. lemon

1 glass walnuts (chopped)

Mature fruit quince thoroughly wash, cut a thin layer of the skin, remove the core. Peeled fruit sliced and problanshirovat for 10-15 minutes. Half of the prescribed recipe sugar and water to cook the syrup, pour over the chilled fruit stand them 3-4 hours, with that quince soaked in sugar syrup and then put to cook quince, add the remaining sugar.

Jam cook a few tricks for 10-15 minutes. Removal from the fruit peel pour a little water and boil, drain and add the broth in a jam at the beginning of the last dose of cooking. Walnut kernels and chopped lemon slices attached to jam at the end of cooking.

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