Apricot jam with cashew

→ Apricot jam with cashew

picture - Apricot jam with cashew


1 kg apricots

1.5 kg sugar

3 g citric acid

100 g cashews

To prepare the apricot jam with apricots cashew divide into halves, nakolite in several places. Lower apricots for 1 minute in boiling water and cool quickly.

Of sugar and two cups of water to boil jam syrup, pour syrup apricots and soak them in syrup per day. Drain syrup jam, boil, pour apricots and leave for another 24 hours.

Boil the jam from apricots until tender, until they become translucent (about 30 minutes).

At the end of cooking, add citric acid as desired. Lightly fry the cashew nuts and put in each jar before capping. Banks ukuporte.

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