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Jam apricot - flavored and sweet, will give the most pleasant memories of summer even in the coldest day. If you belong to the lovers of the fruit, make jam apricots for the winter definitely worth it, especially because it's so simple.

Apricot jam is prepared from ripe apricots, which are sold in the summer, and not only in summer, everywhere. It, like the same color orange, it turns out delicious and very cheerful - it is proved that the orange color is uplifting, especially on cold or cloudy days, reminding us of the sun and its warmth. It is remarkable that this jam is perfect for filling various baked goods - pies, cakes, muffins, etc.

Take for jam not too soft, but not green apricots, bone suitable fruits must be easily separated from the pulp.

Preparation of apricot jam is no different from cooking strawberry jam or currant - require the same enameled capacity, the same additional products - sugar and citric acid.

Apricot jam is useful for pregnant women (in moderation), the elderly, children, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

A recipe for apricot jam

picture - Jam apricots

You will need: 1.5 kg apricots, 1.25 kg of sugar, 3 tbsp. of lemon juice.

How to make apricot jam. Rinse and Pat dry the apricots, cut in half, remove the seeds, fold half, sprinkling them with half of the sugar in a large bowl, pour in ? Cup of water, pour the lemon juice, mix well and 2-3h to leave the apricots let the juice. To shift the contents of the bowl into the pan (you can do everything in the same container in which to boil the jam), put on medium heat. When cooking constantly remove the foam when the apricots are cooked and the jam starts to boil, add the remaining sugar. Cook on low heat for another 30-60min - jam will have to darken, thicken, to acquire a rich orange color. For more liquid jam takes less time - enough 15-20min cooking after boiling. Pour jam on sterile banks, cork, to wrap a blanket and allow to cool.

To check the readiness of apricot jam as follows: take jam on the tip of a small spoon, spread on the saucer, allow to cool and try to squeeze - if you give the jam is bad, folds it, then it is ready.

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