Jam from plums and apricots

→ Jam from plums and apricots

picture - Jam from plums and apricots


1 kg plums and apricots

for pasteurized jam:

1-1.2 kg sugar

400 g water

for not pasteurized jam:

1.3-1.4 kg sugar

400 g water

The fruit is sorted and washed in running water, allow to drain and separate the stem. Apricots and plums cooked with bones or without bones (halves).

For preparation of jam from plums, pitted should take fruits with easily removable bone. For protection of the fruit with seed from the cooking and the best of the soaking syrup during cooking and maturation of the fruit stand along or prick pointed wooden stick or fork. Prepared fruits fill in for 12 hours in an enamel or porcelain. Then the syrup is drained, boiled for 5 minutes and re-fill them with fruit and wait 12 hours. This syrup fruit cook 30-40 minutes on low heat. In the finished jam fruit should be transparent.

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