Liver cake is the most useful cake in the world

→ Liver cake is the most useful cake in the world

picture - Liver cake is the most useful cake in the world
Liver cake - the cake is not quite normal. Because from the cake he had only the name and beautiful appearance. In fact it has no sugar, no whipped cream for the cream or meringue as decoration, which is associated with a delicious birthday cake. But there is an original form, turning the dish out of the ordinary ingredients into a delicious snack that can be as dessert, main dish.

Liver cake will delight at the table and to cook it much easier than any pastries. Read the article further and your liver the cakes will always be the most delicious and beautiful!

Of course, in the liver cake, the most important is the liver. It should be fresh, not frozen. The liver can be beef, veal (it's better) or chicken (it's even better with her cake will be more tender). For cake does not recommend the use of pork liver, it will taste bitter and to give a good taste of it will need to handle. The most delicious liver is considered to be a goose, but it can get very difficult. Goose liver even used to cook very delicious dishes - foie Gras. If you managed to find it, we already envy you - you'll have the most delicious liver cake!

In the preparation of fillings for liver cake no strict rules! Here is space for your experiments! In one cake there can be several. Thanks to the fillings taste of liver cake is constantly changing, and every time you will have a brand new original dish.

To liver cake turned out to be more tender after cooking it is better to put it on several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation. Therefore, if you plan to treat their loved ones, start to prepare it in advance.

Liver cake will become a truly festive look, if you will decorate it. Suitable finely chopped fresh herbs, cheese, pieces of vegetables, you can make various flowers and leaves.

It is believed that the liver is not very useful product, even harmful, because it is a kind of "filter" of the body and therefore is "dirty". Hurry to dissuade. Harmful can only be stale liver or liver patients or grown on antibiotics in animals. But here is just be careful choosing the liver in the shop or on the market. Not a quality liver has a loose texture and a variety of foreign inclusions. And a good liver is always useful (if you, of course, during cooking, you will not add any harmful filling), it contains lots of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

So eat the cake and become healthier!

Liver cake

picture - Liver cake is the most useful cake in the world
Need (for liver pancakes): a pound of liver, 1 egg, half a Cup of sour cream, half a Cup of flour, salt and pepper.
Preparation: Liver wash, dry and mince (wipe using blender). To liver add eggs, sour cream, flour, salt and pepper, to get the dough consistency as pancakes.
Fry liver pancakes on a heated, oiled pan on both sides until cooked.

Each cake is covered with mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic or any other sauce. Then top are filling. It can be:

  • roasted onions with carrots and fresh mushrooms.
  • boiled rice or buckwheat with finely chopped olives, dill or Basil.
  • chopped boiled eggs with grated cheese and herbs.
  • mashed potatoes with cream and fried onions.

You can add various vegetable toppings (cabbage, green peas and corn, salt and fresh cucumbers and so on)

Liver cake with mushrooms

picture - Liver cake is the most useful cake in the world
You will need: 1 kg chicken liver, 6 eggs, 1 Cup yogurt, 1 Cup milk, 2 large onions, 2 boiled chicken breast, 2 cups flour, fresh parsley, salt and pepper to taste.
For lubricating cream, garlic and fried mushrooms.
Preparation: Liver, onions perekruchivaem through a meat grinder, and boiled chicken breast perekruchivaem over the net with big holes. Mix all the ingredients before the formation of a mixture of thick cream. Bake in a large frying pan on both sides large pancakes.
Meanwhile, while we bake pancakes, put the fried oyster mushrooms (any other) with onions.
Pancakes are ready, mushrooms fried and cut into small pieces, sour cream squeeze out a couple of cloves of garlic.
Now begin to lubricate pancakes sour cream with garlic, sprinkling each layer sliced fried mushrooms. The top layer you can simply smeared with sour cream.

Video recipe for liver cake

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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