Cookies "Bobby"

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picture - Cookies "Bobby"

140 g flour

100 g butter

50 g powdered sugar

50 g ground almonds / hazelnuts

1-2 tablespoons cocoa


flour, sugar, oil, almond, cocoa, vanilla

Cookies "Bobby"

Rub the butter with powdered sugar, add vanilla, almond flour and quickly knead the dough, divide it in half, add the cocoa to one part, remove the dough in the cold for 15-20 minutes.

Work surface sprinkled with flour, roll out the dough into a layer of about 3-5 mm, using molds cut from both doughs hearts.

Chocolate hearts cut in half - of them will be the ears.

Bright hearts lay on a baking sheet in the form of ears lay half dark hearts.

With a toothpick cut whiskers, eyes and nose, the holes can be inserted from the rolled chocolate dough balls.

Bake cookies "Bobby" in a preheated oven at medium temperature until ready before serving cookies can be decorated with candy, chocolate, jam or icing.

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