Gingerbread children "Ladybugs"

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picture - Gingerbread children "Ladybugs"

20 small gingerbread

200 g sea-buckthorn and raspberry glaze

For the glaze:

400 g powdered sugar

3 Art. l. on. raspberry and sea buckthorn juice

4 Art. l. water

4 Art. l. lemon juice

How to cook sea buckthorn and raspberry glaze.

To take half raspberry icing sugar and sift it. Connect with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and a couple tablespoons of heated water. Rub the resulting mixture until shiny and smooth paste and gradually add the raspberry juice.

Of all the remaining ingredients in the same way we do the icing sea buckthorn.

Do ladybugs from finished gingerbread.

Spread on a lattice of small cakes and glaziruem one of their half of the glaze raspberry juice, and the second of the sea buckthorn. Dries.

The back of a knife incision across each 1/3 stick - get the head. Then, a longitudinal incision is made, it's wings.

We make ladybugs melted chocolate.

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