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Gooseberries - berry though not as popular as raspberry, strawberry or cherry, but beloved by many who are familiar with its unique taste. Fans of gooseberry cook from it preserves, jellies, jams, make him desserts, salads and even add berries to meat dishes. Very popular and well drinks: juices, wine and stewed gooseberries. We'll talk about cooking gooseberry compote.

Not everyone ever tasted stewed gooseberries, and it should be noted, big omission, because it is very tasty and useful. Thanks contained in this wonderful berry valuable substances such drink will have a positive effect on the body in diseases of the kidney, liver and heart, as well as bladder and bowel, in diseases such as hypertension, tuberculosis, obesity and others.

Originally gooseberry grows only in the wild, then it began to be planted in the gardens, and widespread it was only in the 19th century, when the British breeders were withdrawn Large fruited gooseberry, has spread beyond England, including received recognition in Russia.

Fragrant and juicy gooseberries - a great base for a delicious compote that will appeal to all who had to taste. It is great refresh on a hot summer day, thanks to the beneficial properties of energy and strength.

Gooseberry compote

picture - Gooseberry compote

You will need: 1 liter of water, 50 g sugar, 1 cup of gooseberry.

How to cook stewed gooseberries. Bust big gooseberries, removing spoiled thoroughly rinsed with running water. In a pan pour 1 liter of water, bring it to a boil, add sugar. Every gooseberries a needle pierce in several places - because of this it does not burst or lose shape. Pour gooseberries in a pan of boiling sugar water, boil for 5-7min. Remove the pan from the stove with compote, let it cool. Next compote can filter or leave the berries in it. Remove from gooseberry compote for 1-2h in the cold before serving.

Can be harvested from the gooseberry compote in the winter, often it is done by adding to the banks in addition gooseberry currant, apples and other fruits and berries. However, you can do otherwise: to enjoy tasty and healthy gooseberry compote at any time of year, just freeze the berries, put them in the freezer, and whenever you want you can quickly cook a wonderful compote on the joy of the whole family!

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