Hash with beetroot leaves

→ Hash with beetroot leaves

picture - Hash with beetroot leaves

1 l yogurt
some yogurt to choose? we'll show

? l water

3 cucumber

3 beam beets with leaves

2 boiled eggs

2 Art. l. chopped dill

1 Art. l. lemon juice

? glass sour cream


Separate the leaves from the stalks young beets, cut into cubes stalks, leaves and beets separately cut into strips. To petioles and beet add lemon juice, pour all the hot water, boil on low heat for 2-3 minutes, then leave for 10-15 minutes, cool.

Add leaves, cut into strips, chopped cucumbers and eggs, yogurt, pre-mixed with boiled cold water and salt, salt.

Served with hash beet leaves with sour cream, sprinkled with dill.

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