The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

→ The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

picture - The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

For the vast majority of people in our country, spring is associated with a real survival: due to the lack of vitamins is often felt lethargy, fatigue, somewhere to go and something to do simply do not want. Therefore, all who wish to help your body cope with the offseason with the help of proper nutrition, we will describe in this article about the compote is a delicious and beneficial drink.

The name of this drink came into English from French in the 18th century, and before that the decoction prepared from berries, fruits and dried fruits - plums, raisins, prunes, apples, pears, called Uzvara or broths. Was served this drink at festivals, and the most wide spread together with the advent of the current name - that is, in the same 18th century.

To improve the nutritional properties of the fruit drinks in the 18th century was added to cereals.

Today buying compote - it uncomplicated: they are sold in glass jars in stores, served in food service establishments, but it is much nicer and tastier drink prepared with his own hands fragrant homemade drink!

Prepare the compote can of frozen and fresh fruits and berries, and dried fruits and special dried mixes for stewed fruit - compote assorted. In spring season the most useful compote can be prepared from dried fruits. Why should you pay compote special attention in the spring? Because the dried fruit contains a lot of nutrients - potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, etc. and the minimum vitamin that is stored in them during cooking.

How to cook a classic compote

picture - The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

When cooking dried fruit compote fewer fruits and sugar than when cooking this drink from fresh berries and fruits. The standard ratio: 3l water is taken 300 g of dried fruits and ? cups of sugar.

Cooking classic compote - is simple enough that even the most inexperienced cooks and dried with cold water (first in the pan send pears and apples that are cooked longer) and bring to a boil, boil for 20-30 minutes, then add the remaining dry fruits, sugar, a little citric acid and cook for further 10 minutes. That's all - just 40 minutes, and as much as 3 litres of tasty and healthy drink is ready!

Drinking juice can both hot and cold (often still practiced the last option), and for the color, you can add cherry or cranberry juice. If you don't like dried fruit - strain compote, however, raisins, prunes and apricots, you can leave.

Another option cooking useful compote in the spring of frozen berries and fruits, but because of such widespread noncompliance of the storage conditions and the freeze data products, to prepare some delicious compote is almost impossible if you did freeze and correctly kept the ingredients for future compote, not defrosting and not defrosting them several times, as occurs in commercial networks. The first sign that the frozen product has been thawed and frozen again, the presence of ice and snow in packages or containers with fruit.

If you still are lucky to have good frozen berries and fruits, you can prepare the compote as follows: in a saucepan, bring to boil water, add sugar (3 l of water from 3 to 10 tbsp. to taste), quick servings put the defrosted at room temperature and washed with cold water berries, immediately cover the pan with a lid and remove from the stove, without opening the lid, to allow the compote to cool to room temperature.

Instead of sugar in the juice, you can add honey, but this is only done after cooling the beverage to a temperature no higher than 40 degrees. To flavour and enhance the beneficial properties of the juice in boiling water, add sprigs of raspberries or cherries, cloves, and lemon balm and mint are added to the drink after berries.

The secrets of delicious dried fruit compote

  • Dried fruit or mixture of fruit drinks, you should go through before preparing the drink, wash, sort, lay in this order: pears, apples, apricots, prunes and last put the raisins.
  • The dried fruit is better to pour for a few seconds with boiling water often during the drying process the chemicals, and this technique allows you to get rid of them.
  • For flavor in fruit drinks, you can add spices, but with them it is very important not to overdo it, so they just set off the flavors of the main ingredients.
  • To give a classic compote of dried fruits, tropical notes, you can add dried kiwi, bananas and pineapples - establish them in the drink should be a last resort.
  • Before serving compote better infuse 10-12 hours - dried fruits will give broth flavoring and aromatic substances, and the fruits are soaked sweetness.

Recipes for stewed dried fruit

Very tasty compote can be prepared by the holders of such devices as multivarki.

Recipe compote in multivarka

picture - The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

You will need: dried fruit, sugar, water.

How to cook the compote in multiverse. Dried fruits are washed, put in a bowl multivarki, add sugar, up to the maximum mark to pour in water, put in a mode of "fighting" for 1-2 hours, then after it is complete do not power off multiverse another 6-8 hours in the heating mode compote set up for them even better.

Recipe compote with honey

picture - The original recipes of the most useful spring drink: compote of dried fruits

You will need: 500 g of dried fruits, 150-200 g frozen raspberries (optional), 2l water, 1 lemon, 2 tbsp honey, sugar.

How to make a compote with honey. Rinse with running water, dried, put in a pan, pour 2 liters of water, to give 3-4h to infuse, then drain the water into another saucepan, add the sugar, bring to boil, remaining in another pan, dried fruits pour the cooked sugar broth. Wash the lemon, pour over boiling water, a grater to remove the zest, not touching the white part, squeeze the juice of the lemon, add it along with the grated zest in a saucepan with the juice, cover, wrap the pan with a towel or blanket, let stand overnight.

Cook delicious and healthy fruit drinks from be healthy, vigorous and full of energy!

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