The carrot salad with fruit

→ The carrot salad with fruit

picture - The carrot salad with fruit

400 g * Carrots;

100 g * Dates;

* Leeks-one stalk

* Green salad

* Parsley

* The juice of one lemon

* Zest of one lemon

* Honey - one tablespoon

* Ground ginger and salt - one pinch

Carrots and dates must be clean and grate on a coarse grater. After that, the dates need to be cut in half, free from seeds, and then each half cut in two parts. Leek washed, cut into thin slices. Remains all the ingredients of the salad, mix well and arrange in the prepared dish, on top of washed lettuce leaves, and top the salad is filled with a filling of lemon juice and zest. Just to fill you must add the ginger, honey and salt to taste.

The finished dish can immediately bring to the table.

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