Vegetable salad with avocado sauce

→ Vegetable salad with avocado sauce

picture - Vegetable salad with avocado sauce

18 green leaf lettuce

2 sweet pepper

2 cucumber

2 boiled eggs

1 apple

1 avocado

1 tomato

1 onions

6 Art. l. vegetable oil

4 Art. l. chopped parsley

1 Art. l. 3% vinegar

1 h. l. sesame seeds

red pepper


Cored apple seeds from peppers, chopped apple, pepper and cucumber sticks.

Preparation of sauce: Scald tomatoes, peel, cut in half, remove seeds and finely chop. Cut and clean avocado, remove the seeds and chop the flesh. Grate the onion and eggs, combine all ingredients, whip in a blender, add gradually mixed with vinegar, salt and pepper oil.

Pick leaves green salad, put them in a salad bowl, top with chopped vegetables, sprinkle with parsley, pour salad dressing and sprinkle salad with avocado sauce with sesame seeds.

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