Salad "Seafood Cocktail"

→ Salad "Seafood Cocktail"

picture - Salad "Seafood Cocktail"

100 g crab sticks
What to choose? we'll show

400 g green peas

100 g fresh mushrooms

2 orange

lemon juice to taste

To prepare the sauce in a salad "Seafood Cocktail":

50 g mayonnaise

200 g cream

2 table. tablespoons of vinegar

2 table. tablespoons soy sauce

2 table. Loka honey

pepper, cognac, green onions, salt - to taste

Cut into sticks crab sticks. Take out and drain the cans of canned green peas. Peel and finely chop the mushrooms, sprinkle with lemon juice (so they do not darken). Peeled oranges divide into segments.

Gently stir chopped crab sticks with the other components of lettuce "Seafood Cocktail".

Prepare the sauce:

Mix the mayonnaise, vinegar, cream, honey and soy sauce. Add salt, pepper, chopped green onions, cognac. Sauces season salad "Seafood Cocktail" and put in tall glasses.

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