Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

→ Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

picture - Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

Vitamin explosion, "fountain" of taste, freshness energizing options - all this can be said about the fruit salad. Light and tasty, they are, nevertheless, are not reflected in the figure and thus carry a maximum health benefits, especially in the off-season, when the body very much needed vitamins and nutrients contained in the reinforcement of its power products helpers.

In our time, the fruit can be bought in stores all year round - they were being taken to us from all over the world, so that the taste of the most harmless for the figure treats we do not have to wait for summer. Especially this possibility becomes invaluable in the off-season, when the body very much needed vitamins. Give yourself health, beauty and energy, you can use fruit salads, you can do any of the fruit and for every taste.

Fruit salads like both children and adults. They can make sweet and serve as a dessert or fruit combine with savory ingredients and get unusual, delicious and healthy dishes. You can cook them for breakfast, snack or to serve as a light dinner - there are many options, so they can prepare for any occasion, including for the holiday table.

Today, to fruit salads include not only sweet dessert dishes - sometimes these salads are a mixture of fruits with savory ingredients, and sometimes with a very "unpredictable", such as celery, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, cheese, etc. Threading of salads such surprise can also, for example, can be used olive oil, mayonnaise, spicy seasonings and spices. And for the sweet fruit salads as a dressing are most commonly used yogurt, honey, cream or lemon juice, and alcoholic beverages - liquor, rum or brandy. Today we look at the recipes exactly sweet fruit salads, which invented a great multitude, and to try to list them all - completely useless exercise. Better let's see how to cook the most delicious and popular of them.

Recipe of the classic sweet fruit salad

picture - Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

You will need: 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 banana, 1 orange, brown sugar, honey to taste.

How to cook a classic fruit salad. Banana and orange peel, remove all films with slices of orange, peeled fruit cut by small slices. Pear and apple seeds removed, cut into small slices them also. Connect the prepared fruit, sprinkle with sugar and season with honey to taste, stir and immediately serve.

Cooking this delicious and useful lettuce, as you can see, will leave no more than 5-10 minutes, but what is the use for the body! This classic recipe can also be changed and complement to your liking: use honey instead of sugar cream or yogurt, add to these fruits grapes or raisins, pineapple and mandarin. Perfectly complement the taste of the fruit variety of nuts - forest, almonds, etc. To give a nice "acidity" and to avoid browning of apple and pear salad, you can pour a small amount of lemon juice, and if it will be supplied only to adults, will be a great addition a few drops of liqueur, brandy or rum - in short, the sea of options, you can safely experiment .

Honey, lemon juice and sugar - this is the most common filling, but no less popular fruit salad with ice cream, sour cream, yogurt and whipped cream.

Recipe fruit salad with ice cream

picture - Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

You will need: 150 g of ice cream, 100 grams of walnut, 50 g of grated chocolate, 2 apples, bananas and oranges

How to prepare a fruit salad with ice cream. Cored and cut apples into slices, then each slice into 3-4 parts, cleaned and sliced orange as well, removing all of the film. Clear banana, cut polukruzhkami 1 cm thick, chop nuts. Connect prepared ingredients, add ice cream and mix. Before serving, remove the salad in the cold for 2-3 hours, then sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Fruit salad recipe with sour cream

picture - Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

You will need: 100 g sour cream 20%, 2 kiwi and apple, 1 banana, orange, 1 boiled egg yolk, 1 pinch of salt? lemon (juice) 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, pepper, sugar.

How to prepare a fruit salad with sour cream. Dice the peeled fruits: kiwi, bananas, oranges, apples, and stir to combine. Rub the yolks, mix with vegetable oil, salted, then stir with a budget and lemon juice, season with pepper and sugar to taste, thoroughly whisk dressing. Drizzle salad dressing and apply immediately.

Next salad can be a wonderful breakfast options, as well as any other fruit salads dressed with yogurt.

Recipe fruit salad with yogurt

picture - Sweet fruit salads: the most innocuous desserts

Need: 150 g of grape, 100 ml of yoghurt, banana, 70 g, 50 g of garnet grains.

How to prepare a fruit salad with yogurt. Salad is laid directly into the salad bowl: one-third filled with grapes, another third - sliced banana circles, then you need to fill the remaining space grapes, well watered yogurt salad, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds, right on the doorstep.

If the filling is used yogurt, then you can take as a natural and sweet yogurt, including pieces of fruit - it all depends entirely on your taste and preferences in relation to calories. Try, experiment and remember - fruit salads - this is the most harmless for the figure and is very useful for immune health and desserts!

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