Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

→ Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

picture - Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

Salads with apples is a great option for lunch or afternoon tea. In this collection we have collected for you the recipes of the most delicious, quick and interesting salads with the most popular in our country fruit.

Options salads with apples today invented a lot, and generally, all these salads can be divided into two groups: sweet and savoury. Sweet can be served as desserts and savoury - to form the basis of a mid-morning snack or lunch. In any case, these dishes will only have a positive impact on health and help maintain the shape.

In salads apples combine with almost any products from various fruits and vegetables, to meat and seafood. As the filling for these salads can be used vegetation including olive oil, unsweetened natural yogurt, lemon juice, honey, sour cream, mayonnaise. In General, to prepare such salads and everyone can cook on your own taste - then it will be really tasty and appetizing.

We gathered for you some interesting recipes salads with apples, recipes that you can add and change at its discretion, starting from the initial idea. Try and get a real treat with health benefits!

Recipe of sweet Apple salad with pumpkin

You will need: 500g pumpkin, 3 apples, 3 tablespoons of honey and lemon juice ? Cup chopped nuts.

How to cook salad with apples and pumpkins. Clear and thin strips cut the pumpkin, peel the apples from seeds, whether to clean up from the skin - decide, at its discretion, to cut like a pumpkin. Mix honey with lemon juice, combine the pumpkin with Apple, season with lemon-honey sauce, add the nuts, peremeshayte and immediately serve with a salad to the table.

Recipe fruit salad with Apple "Fitness"

You will need: apples 150g, 100-150g natural yogurt and banana, 30g of nuts ? of lemon.

How to make fruit salad with Apple. Cubes and chop the apples, bananas - cubes, peel the lemon, remove the film, finely chop the flesh finely chopped nuts. Connect the prepared products, add the yogurt and stir.

In this salad, you can also add the candied fruit.

Salad recipe with apples, carrots and dried apricots

picture - Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

You will need: 100ml sour cream, 100g dried apricots, 2 apples and carrots, 1 tbsp jam of cranberries or cranberry, mashed with sugar.

How to prepare a salad of Apple with dried apricots and carrots. On a coarse grater grate raw carrots, wash and peel the apples, cut out the seeds and RUB on a large grater. Chop the dried apricots. For the filling mix the sour cream with cranberries, combine all the ingredients for the salad, add the sauce, stir, bring a salad to the table.

Recipe for Apple salad with beets and prunes

picture - Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

You will need: 2 apples, 1 beet, 2-3 tbsp sour cream, 0.3 Cup prunes, chopped dill and salt to taste.

How to cook salad with apples, beets and prunes. The beets in their skins boil until tender, small cube into the clearing. Mix the sour cream with salt and dill. Pour in 5 min prunes with boiling water, then finely chop. Mix the chopped apples with the remaining ingredients, fill with sour cream, apply.

Recipe easy Apple salad with celery and chicken

picture - Apple variety: summer salad recipes with apples

You will need: 75g roasted chicken, 50 grams stemmed celery and Apple, 1 handful of sunflower seeds, ? lemon (juice) 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

How to cook salad with apples and celery. Cut into thin slices celery, pour lemon juice for 10 minutes to leave, on a dry pan to dry seeds 5 minutes. Finely chopped chicken, Apple RUB on a large grater. Combine all the prepared ingredients, add oil, stir and garnish before serving greens.

The recipe is a hearty salad with apples, vegetables and shrimp

You will need: 200g peeled boiled shrimp, 1 tuber boiled potatoes ? Apple and cucumber, 3 tablespoons green peas, 2 tbsp chopped green onion 2 tsp. vegetable oil, salt.

How to make a hearty salad with Apple. Cut into medium-sized potatoes, Apple and cucumber to combine everything with shrimp, peas, green onions, season with butter, salt and stir.

Cook delicious and healthy salads with apples and be healthy!

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