Snack with mushrooms "Grezdo shrimp"

→ Snack with mushrooms "Grezdo shrimp"

picture - Snack with mushrooms "Grezdo shrimp"

100 g frozen shrimp

10 pcs large shrimp

10 shaminonov pickled

5 quail eggs

3 chicken eggs

1 medium-sized cucumber



some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

Shrimp dipped in boiling water, boil, then clean, 10 to postpone large for registration, and the rest cut.

Boil chicken and quail eggs, cool, peel, cut in half lengthwise quail (for registration), rub on a grater eggs or finely chop them.

Finely chop the onion, dill, cucumber and mushrooms, combine shrimp and eggs, salt the, add mayonnaise, mix, arrange salad tartlets.

Snack is made with mushrooms "Grezdo shrimp" as follows: put on half quail egg salad and some shrimp and garnish with greens.

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