Potato salad with radish

→ Potato salad with radish

picture - Potato salad with radish

0.5 kg * Small new potatoes

2 * Beam young radish with leaves

For the filling:

1 * Onion

1 * Yolk

3 Art. l. *. lemon juice

2 Art. l. *. vegetable juice

1 h. l. *. spicy mustard

5 Art. l. *. vegetable oil

Salt, pepper, green onions, wheat germ

Thoroughly wash the potatoes, boiled in their skins, cool and cut into slices with the skin. Radishes Rinse and sort out, leaving tender leaves, and old discarded. Very radishes cut into 4 pieces. Prepare the filling: onion very finely chopped or whipped in a blender. Yolk rub with salt, pepper, lemon juice and, without stopping grinding, pour the oil, then vegetable juice, at the end add the mustard and onions. On the leaves of radish put potato slices on top quarters radish, all pour dressing. You can also top with wheat germ and chopped green onions. Serve as a side dish with fish.

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