Acute eggplants

→ Acute eggplants

picture - Acute eggplants

1 kg Eggplant

120 g vegetable oil

2-3 heads of garlic


For the marinade:

1 l water

500 g fruit flavored vinegar or 5%

Slice the eggplant circles to 1 cm thick, add salt and leave for half an hour.

Water to boil the marinade, add the vinegar.

Cook eggplant marinated chunks, remove using a slotted spoon, drain water to give.

Then eggplant lightly fry in vegetable oil, immediately thereafter, canning: eggplant put in jars layers, each layer of paving the crushed garlic.

Then canning is done as follows: in banks with eggplant poured the marinade, in which the cooked eggplant, banks pasteurized, rolled.

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