Herring in Baton

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picture - Herring in Baton

2 Herring

1 loaf or baguette

3 Art. l. ketchup

Which oil to choose? we'll show



Divide the oil into 2 equal parts, put in different plates.

To cut into fillets boneless herring.

Add one half of the butter with chopped greens, and the second ketchup.

Cut the baguette in half lengthwise, remove the crumb, divide it in half and add to the butter with ketchup and butter with herbs.

Fill one half of the loaf with ketchup oil, the second - with herbs.

Share on both halves of the loaf slices of herring fillets, then connect the halves loaf, wrap tightly with foil.

Before applying for a few hours away in Baton herring in the fridge, then cut into pieces.

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