Herring, marinated with olives and tomatoes

→ Herring, marinated with olives and tomatoes

picture - Herring, marinated with olives and tomatoes

15 cherry tomatoes

2 large onions

1 fatty salted herring
what herring to choose? we'll show

1 pinch of white pepper

5-6 tbsp. vegetable oil

2 tbsp. flavored ketchup

1 tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. vinegar 9%


Herring cut into fillets, remove all the bones, cut the fillets into small cubes.

Each tomato cut in half onion cut into half rings or rings.

To prepare the marinade, mix the sugar, ketchup, white pepper and vinegar, the sugar should be completely dissolved, then add oil in a thin stream, slightly beating well with a whisk or fork.

Take a container that closes tightly, stir in her herring, olives, tomatoes, onions and cooked sauce.

Next, herring, marinated with olives and tomatoes, is removed in the refrigerator for 4 hours at least before serving Christmas buffet is laid out on a plate and arranged to taste.

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