Chicken Romanian "Plaka"

→ Chicken Romanian "Plaka"

picture - Chicken Romanian "Plaka"

1.2 kg chicken

750 g onions

400 g vegetable oil

300 g tomatoes

20 g garlic

20 g green celery and parsley

pepper, salt

Chickens handle, cut into slices, salt the, fry in hot oil on all sides.

Take a pan, pour it in equal parts of water and oil, put the chopped onion into slices, add the tomato pulp (scald tomatoes, rub through a sieve), add chopped celery greens, pepper and salt, bring everything to a boil.

In the seething mass put the pieces of chicken to simmer until cooked boil.

Served chicken Romanian "Plaka" in the cold, sprinkled with parsley.

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