6 Recipes for delicious sweet pastries for multivarki

→ 6 Recipes for delicious sweet pastries for multivarki

picture - 6 Recipes for delicious sweet pastries for multivarki

In multivarka easy to cook not only soups and main dishes, and sweet pastries, and, having tried any of the suggestions in this collection of recipes for every cook, even not very experienced, will be able to verify this.

Cakes for cakes and pastries, dessert pies - all this is very easy to make in multiverse. We will talk about some of the most simple recipes, sweet pastries for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this wonderful kitchen helper as multivarka.

The first recipe: Tart with almonds and dried fruit

You will need: 300g any mix of dried fruit 250g sour cream, 200g flour, 100g sugar, 40g almonds, 20-25g of butter, 1 egg, 1,5 tbsp of sugar to dried fruit ? tsp. of baking soda.

How to make a cake with dried fruit and almonds in multiverse. Pour in the cream soda, stir and 15-20min to leave. Grind the crushed almonds to coat the bowl multivarki oil, put the dried fruit, sprinkle them with sugar. Beat white of eggs with 100g of sugar, pour in the cream and again to whisk, add the flour, beat again, add the nuts and stir. Pour the batter in the bowl multivarki on dried fruits, cook the pie on a baking "40min, open the lid after the signal and let the cake cool slightly, 10 minutes, then flip.

The second recipe: Apple pie orange in multivarka

You will need: 5 eggs, 4 orange, 2 multiarch Cup of flour and sugar, 1 tsp. grated orange zest and baking powder.

How to cook orange pie. Mix eggs, flour and sugar in a blender, adding the baking powder and zest. Finely chop the flesh of the oranges, removing the film and bones. Grease the bowl multivarki oil, lay down a circle of baking paper (this will help the cake does not burn and is easier to remove it from the Cup), pour a third of the dough, sprinkle half of the oranges, then another third of the dough and the remaining oranges, then the remaining dough. To prepare the orange pie on a baking "in an hour.

The third recipe: Cake "bird's milk"

picture - 6 Recipes for delicious sweet pastries for multivarki

You will need: dough 2 eggs, 0.5 Cup of flour and sugar, cream 150g of butter, 5 eggs, 20 g of gelatin, 1 Cup of sugar, 0.5 Cup milk, 1 tsp. vanilla sugar, 0,5 tbsp flour, coating - 50g butter, 0.5 cups of sugar, 5 tbsp milk and cocoa powder.

How to cook in multivarka the bird's milk cake. Mix all ingredients for the dough, whisk, pour in a greased bowl multivarki, bake for 40min on the "baking". Gelatin pour 75ml of cold boiled water, half an hour to leave. With half of the sugar for the cream to RUB the yolks, add milk, stir, add the flour and boiling to bring in a water bath. Add beaten egg and vanilla oil. With the rest of the sugar, beat the whites until stable peaks, mix with gelatin, mix protein and yolk mass until smooth, put into the refrigerator. Cut in half lengthwise cooked cake, brush with cream, fold each other, give cream to harden in the refrigerator. All ingredients for the glaze until thick stew, coat the cake with the prepared glaze and let it harden.

Recipe four: Very quick nut pie in multivarka

You will need: 150g walnuts, sugar 135g, 130g flour, 125ml milk, 100g of margarine, 2 eggs, 2 tsp. vanilla sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder.

How to cook quick nut pie in multiverse. With a mixer beat the eggs until fluffy foam, gradually adding vanilla and sugar. Mix chopped nuts with the flour and the baking powder. Melt margarine, thin stream, pour in the egg mixture while whisking. Gradually add in the egg in the flour mixture, pour in the milk, until smooth whisking all. Grease the bowl multivarki oil, pour the batter, and bake on a baking "60min.

Well, the last one in the selection of the recipe - the most beautiful and bright, although this cake is cooked very simply, it is very elegant.

Recipe five: the Cake "Zebra" with condensed milk in multivarka

picture - 6 Recipes for delicious sweet pastries for multivarki

Ponadobicha: cream - 500ml sour cream thick, 0.5 cans of condensed milk, dough - 250g margarine 5 eggs 2.5 cups of flour, 1.5 cups sugar, 1 Cup sour cream, 1 tsp. of baking soda.

How to make a cake "Zebra" in multiverse. Melt margarine and mix all ingredients for the dough, divide the dough in half and in one part add cocoa. Oiled bowl multivarki, pouring into it alternately light and the resulting cocoa brown dough, until both ends. To prepare the cake in the "baking" 60 minutes, then cut into 3 parts or more layers. For the cream mix the condensed milk and sour cream to coat cakes and allow the cake to soak.

Multivarka has become for many hostesses and cooks indispensable in the kitchen, which is not surprising, because with its help it is really very easy to cook a variety of dishes, even desserts!

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