Strawberry jam with champagne

→ Strawberry jam with champagne

picture - Strawberry jam with champagne

1.5 kg strawberries

1.5 kg sugar

150 ml sparkling wine / champagne dry white

1.5 tsp citric acid

Unusual, very tasty jam.

Strawberries bust, use only whole, not wrinkled and soft berries.

Cut each berry depending on the size into quarters or halves, half sliced berries to shift into a saucepan, lightly crush (if it is not choking, the pan slightly warm).

Pour the sugar into the pan, put the remaining strawberries, pour wine or champagne, pour the citric acid, over low heat to warm up the berries with constant stirring for 10 minutes until sugar is dissolved.

When the sugar has dissolved, increase the fire, boil the jam 5-10 minutes (ready better to check every 5 minutes, so as not to digest the berries).

Remove the pan from the heat, remove using a slotted spoon to allocate foam, leave the jam for 15 minutes - berries must settle.

Next jam from strawberries with champagne poured into warm sterilized jars, capped sterile caps and left at room temperature until cool.

Keep this jam is necessary in a cool place.

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