Strawberry jam (strawberry)

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1 kg of strawberries or strawberry:

1 kg sugar

Usually jam from berries of the first crop was obtained tastier than from berries later collection: berries are strong, tight, bottom is not digested, are spread not in syrup. If the berries are juicy, just bloodshot - for these berries syrup, in principle, is not required. The berries are placed in an enamel bowl, sprinkling fine sugar, so leave for the night. By the morning of berries drown in their own juices. Put on low heat, heat to boiling, boil for 7-8 minutes - no more, lest digest. Remove foam, jam poured into hot dry jars. Want to jam came thicker and a little longer constant - ukuporte jars with metal lids, place upside down, cover with a blanket - it is itself dosterilizueteya.

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