How to make strawberry jam. Recipe for strawberry jam

→ How to make strawberry jam. Recipe for strawberry jam

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What jam most of the most favorite and popular? Of course, strawberry! To compete with him maybe, crimson. Delicious and healthy, this jam, usually boiled in July, when strawberry gives the harvest. And then in the winter it reminds you of summer, like no other, giving a great attitude and strength. Cook strawberry jam on the proven recipe of our grandmothers.

Strawberry jam is the taste and scent of summer! Especially if you cook it with whole berries, which will be to attract all kind. This dessert in our country, cook for several generations, and it has not lost its popularity over time, as fans of strawberries so much!

Recipes for strawberry jam, there are many, many families have their own proven methods of cooking this dessert, passed from generation to generation. Here on this reliable and tested recipe for strawberry jam we will cover today.

Strawberries, which will be used to prepare jam with whole berries, it is not recommended to wash hands. Better put it in cold water a couple of times and it will change each time leaving no more than 5 min, then wash the strawberries, put in a colander, running water is so removed all unnecessary, and you only need to remove from the berries of the stem.

The recipe for strawberry jam

picture - How to make strawberry jam. Recipe for strawberry jam

You will need: 1kg strawberries and sugar.

How to make strawberry jam. Take strawberries, dark color, they must have a dense flesh. Next you need to wash berries, remove the stalk, put one layer in an enamel container, where it will boil jam, on a previously poured layer of sugar. Cover the berries with another layer of sugar - he had to close them again to place a layer of berries and so on, until you run out of products. Remove the strawberries with the sugar in the fridge for the night - there must be quite a lot of juice. Put a container of berries on low heat, stirring occasionally shake the pan at the beginning of cooking, when the jam starts to boil, proverif his 10min, you can mix jam already long blade. The foam can be removed in the cooking process or at the end if it a lot, cook dessert until tender, checking it drop by drop - a drop of syrup from the final jam will not spread. Pour jam on sterile banks, cork.

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