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It was made famous candy apple this kind of sweets, from the very onset of goodies was the most popular and remains so today. Cooking delicious candy apples!

Recalling something Turkish Delight, candy, still considered Russian national delicacy, which appeared in Russian cuisine in the 14th century. Perhaps some idea of our ancestors learned from travelers coming or returning from the east and brought oriental sweets, or maybe it was the opposite, because Turkish Delight officially has only 500 years of history, while the candy has been around for at least 600 year old.

In Russian pastes the main ingredient for centuries were sour apples or Antonov-wildings, who grew up in our latitudes. Thanks to the pectin contained in apples are readily formed a dense mass of sweet, even if not used sugar. In Europe, the Russian sugar paste won great popularity, and we did it in large quantities, in order to cover not only its own needs for sweets, but also provide a corresponding number of apple marshmallow demand for exports. Shops, which sold Russian apple candy, were in Paris, and London.

Apple candy prepared in Russian furnaces and germinated for 2 days, well, now to make this sweetness you need to spend a lot less time and effort.

Recipe for making apple marshmallow

picture - Candy apple

You will need: 2 kg of apples antonovka, 200g sugar.

How to prepare a candy apple. Wash the apples and place in a baking dish, pour? glass of water, 40 minutes in the oven heated to 170 degrees and bake until soft. Warm apple rub through a sieve or blender pyurirovat. Put mashed potatoes in a saucepan, boil down to a minimum one-third the mass of the fire for about an hour, stirring occasionally to avoid burnt. Puree turn slightly golden and thick, cool it. If after cooling stood juice, then puree need to strain through a sieve. Beat the puree to a light lightening - weight oxygenate, and pasta will light and airy. Pour the puree into sugar and then beat - until it dissolves. Lay a baking parchment, put a layer of mashed potatoes in 2-3cm thick or thinner. Put the pan in the oven, turn the most basic heating and opened the door of the oven and bring to dry completely. Candy ready, when it ceases to stick to your fingers. With warm marshmallow remove parchment paper turning it up and cover with a damp towel - after 2-3 minutes it is easy to move away from pastes. The finished candy can sprinkle with powdered sugar and curly cut.

If the paste is broken, non-plastic - so it retain moisture.

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