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An interesting case occurred recently in Minsk. Bought at a kiosk candy "Bear in the meadow" a woman named Tatiana, opening the wrapper, found instead a favorite candy from factory "Kommunarka" bar of chipboard. A woman once wrote about what happened to the editor of one of the Internet resources.

Having bought candy in a stall "Belsoyuzpechat", A woman came to work where and wanted a cup of tea with a sweet, sweet but found instead a wooden block. When a resource, which addressed women associated with the "Belsoyuzpechat"They explained the situation. The fact that the seller took kofety with funiture, which do not store these products, and dummies. The need to keep the windows only dummies because confectionery products will not be there long. Staff "Belsoyuzpechat" promised that Tatiana can apply to the same kiosk and change on these wooden candy.

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