Cake with caramelized milk "Simple"

→ Cake with caramelized milk "Simple"

picture - Cake with caramelized milk "Simple"

250 g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

3 glass flour

3 egg yolks

2 cans condensed milk

1 glass sugar

1 h. l. baking powder


butter (for baking)

Combine the egg yolks with the sugar, grind until smooth, add the softened butter, mix thoroughly.

Connect flour with baking powder, mix, combine with a creamy mass, knead a soft dough, roll it into a pancake thickness of no more than 3mm, bake each cake on a greased baking sheet in for 10-15min, trim the edges.

Cakes stacked on top of each other, lubricating condensed milk, sides and top of cake as fluff condensed milk, decorate the cake with caramelized milk "Simple" chopped walnuts, leave before serving 30-40 minutes for impregnation.

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