Cake with strawberries

→ Cake with strawberries

picture - Cake with strawberries

200 g softened butter

3/4 glass sugar

5 eggs

1 glass a little bit more flour
what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show

soda pinch

for the filling and decoration:

1 kg strawberry

sugar to taste

for impregnation cakes:

1 glass strawberry puree

1/4 glass water

3 tbsp. liqueur or brandy

cream cream

: Softened butter to mix with sugar until white and, continuing rubbing, gradually, in small portions, add eggs, beaten in a separate bowl. Then add soda and with constant stirring add the flour to obtain smetanopodobnogo mass (soda can be mixed with flour). The dough immediately pour into a form that is heated and greased with butter and sprinkled with bread crumbs or crushed biscuits with a rolling pin (1 piece). Place in a preheated 190-200°C oven and bake until tender. From the prepared strawberries to take the whole flat of berries to decorate the cake. The rest of the strawberry to RUB with sugar (to taste) through a colander. For impregnation of cake to set aside 1 Cup of the strawberry puree. Baked cooled cake cut into 2 cake and every cake is good soak strawberry puree diluted with a mixture of water with a liqueur or brandy. One cake to put the mashed pulp of strawberries, it is a little sour cream, then cream the first cake to put the second cake on him again strawberry puree. The top and sides of the cake liberally to cover the sour cream. Decorate the cake with whole strawberries and refrigerate .

The cakes for the cake can be baked in sour cream, i.e. instead of butter to take 1 Cup sour cream; beat the eggs with sugar, then add whipped cream and other components.

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