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4 PCs egg

1 salt - a pinch

4 tbsp. walnuts ground

4 tbsp. wheat flour
what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show

1 tbsp. starch

2 tsp. baking powder for the dough

150 g the strawberry jam

2 tsp. margarine

20 g gelatin

1 kg strawberry

300 g the vanilla yogurt

1 PCs lemon

2 tbsp. sugar for the dough - 6 tbsp. spoons and cream

300 ml cream with a high fat content

Melissa (twigs) and strawberries for decoration

Biscuit mix recipe "Cake with raspberry cream".

Starch and nuts type together with the flour and the baking powder. The form of split vystelit paper greased with margarine, place the dough. Bake at 180 °C for 30 minutes. The finished cake cool. Then cut into 3 cakes and spread them with jam.

Gelatin soak recipe Strawberry mousse".Half the norm strawberries cut into slices. With lemon erase fine grater, zest, juice press. The remaining strawberries, mix with yogurt and sugar, add the zest, lemon juice, mash.

Gelatin will dissolve in a water bath, mix with 3 tablespoons of strawberry puree. Then mix with the remaining puree and refrigerate 10 minutes.

Whisk in cream fluffy mass, add the sliced strawberries, mix with the curable puree.

Brush the cakes with cream and fold in on each other. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Decorate the cake in its sole discretion.

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