Cake with red currant

→ Cake with red currant

picture - Cake with red currant


150 g butter soft

3 tbsp. sugar for cake and cream - 6 tablespoons of

200 g corn flakes

500 g red currant

18 g gelatin to the cream for the filling and decoration - 6 g

500 g fat cottage cheese

200 ml kefir
what kind of yogurt to choose? we'll show

2 the grated zest and juice of lemons

1 vanilla sugar sachet

250 ml the juice of red currants

100 ml cream with a high fat content

Oil whisk with sugar. The flakes will raskroshite, mix with whipped mass. The mass of tightly put in the form of lined paper. Cool 30 minutes.

The currants, wash, drain, separate the berries from the branches. Gelatin soak recipe Strawberry mousse".

Cottage cheese mixed with yogurt, sugar, vanilla sugar, zest and juice the lemons.

Gelatin will dissolve in a water bath. Mix it with cottage cheese mixture, refrigerate for 15 minutes. Solidifying mass mix with currants. The cream put on the cake, smooth. Cake refrigerate for 3 hours.

To fill soak gelatin in the recipe for "Strawberry mousse", 'll dismiss it in a water bath, mix with currant juice, cool. Cake cover fill and refrigerate 1 hour.

Cream whip and decorate the cake, lay on top of berries.

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